K series rocker switch to add configuration options


KR and KL series of rocker switch is APEM launched a few years ago with a new modern shape of the large current rocker switch. They are rich in color rock and laser engraving icon options, as well as excellent sealing protection performance and rugged, since the introduction of widely praised by customers around the world.
        Listening to customer feedback and continuous innovation is always consistent with APEM. Recent APEM offers a number of configuration options for KR and KL series rocker switches, including the following additional options, based on trends in recent applications and industry trends and customer feedback collected:
(I) 20A high current contacts
        Newly developed high current contacts with rated loads up to 20A 12VDC for all KR and KL series rocker switches with 6.35mm fast push pins.
        20A high current capability to ensure that the rocker switch can be used directly to control a variety of high current circuits (such as vehicle lighting control) and no longer need to use the relay for customers to reduce costs and points of failure, especially for the A small device that does not require complex control circuitry.
(2) Unlock key with dust cover (KL series)
        All kinds of non-road vehicles working environment is always relatively poor, often there will be large particles of dust and even small stones and other foreign matter accumulated in the dashboard and armrest boxes and other locations, extreme cases may lead to the relevant switch was stuck, Can not be triggered normally. Now there is a one-piece rubber dust cover, you can prevent any solid foreign matter into the control key function of the unlock key, to ensure that any time in need can be properly triggered.
        Optional KL Series Locked Anti-Mist Trigger Rocker Switch with Rubber Dust Cover Unlocked Rocker Switches are the same as the original standard product, both in terms of form factor, ruggedness or longevity, and are particularly suitable for each Class-free vehicle control systems and outdoor applications.
(Iii) IP69K panel front seal protection
        APEM has developed a new type of silicone seal for the KR and KL series products for the extremely high demand for front panel sealing protection for some extremely demanding applications. It can wrap the edges of the switch housing as a whole And the panel opening close fit to ensure that the correct installation can be achieved up to IP69K level panel front seal protection.
(Iv) New 10-pin connector
        In order to ensure the stability of the large current through the ability and continuous strong vibration in the working conditions of the stable connection capability, the original standard 10 feet 6.35mm pin connector U2292 is selected with hard-rubbed metal terminals. But there are customer feedback that this hard-frictional contact terminal leads to the insertion of harnesses and switches when it is laborious, and this very tight contact is not necessary for their application. So APEM has developed a new type of flexible contact with the connector U3152, as U2292 connector complement and replace. Using the harness made with it, it will be easier and faster to connect with the switch while ensuring the same robustness.
        APEM K series rocker switch and indicator products, with industry recognized the leading modern design and rugged, has been widely used in agricultural machinery, material handling equipment, engineering machinery and other types of poor application. Based on the actual needs of the market and feedback the newly developed configuration, in a wider range to meet the different needs of different customers, but also further consolidate the
  APEM is the leader in the off-road vehicle man-machine interface market.

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